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Auto Code Scanner Reader

What surprises me is how much people spend on the up keep of their vehicles. While some of these expenses could really be eliminated with just some basic knowledge. Most people do not understand how easy it is to diagnosis a issue with your vehicle. Yet with a auto code scanner reader anyone can have the knowledge they need. Just think if you could know what was wrong with your vehicle and you find out its a 10 minute fix. While all you have to do is buy a $20 part and take 10 minutes, why would you want to take it to a mechanic and pay over $100? Another reason for arming yourself with basic knowledge is most visits to the mechanic take hours not minutes.

Purchasing a auto code scanner is all you need to diagnose your vehicle issues. Using a code reader is really simple to use. Even if you do not want to fix your own vehicle knowing what is wrong with it can save you a lot of money.  Purchasing the  OBD2/EODD AL201 sold by Topdon might be the best purchase you make all year .

The AL201 scanner can monitor O2 sensors and it can support on board monitoring tests. Its offers one click readiness and has a easy to read clear screen. The LCD screen is 2 inches and is back-lit. Another great feature is it compatible with  most vehicles from 1996 and newer. This unit also supports multi languages so it can be used by anyone.

While most code scanners have limited functions this one has what most users will need. It allows current and pending readings as well as permanent codes with definitions. Another option is to have live data streams from the O2 sensor and on board monitoring tests. DTC and turn off MIL is another option that takes this scanner to the top of the list of must have items.

Another great thing is you will never have to worry if you need to update your scanner its simple and easy. Therefore all you need to do is go to and follow the simple directions to get your free updates. Finally, they offer a warranty for 12 months. However, the first 3 months you can receive a refund or replacement if the scanner is not working properly.

How it works is simple:

1)Turn the ignition off.
2)Locate the vehicle’s DLC socket.
3)Plug ArtiLink 201 connect the vehicle’s DLC.
4)Turn the ignition on. Engine can be running or off.
5)After finishing, the system will start initializing. After initialization, the system will enter the main menu interface.

Prime Functions
Read DTCs
Clear DTCs
Read MIL
View freeze frame data
I/M readiness monitor status
Display live data stream
O2 sensor data
On-board monitoring test
Read : pending codes,  permanent codes,  vehicle information
Multilinguil user interface
Internet up-gradable

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