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Apple Corer with Safety Cover

With the holidays right around the corner it means a lot of baking and parties. Having a apple corer with safety cover can save us all time with our holiday baking and parties. While some may think all apple corers are the same they would be wrong. This apple corer is even safe enough for children to use so the whole family can be help in all the fun activities.

This apple corer is also a slicer with 8 stainless steel cutting blades. There are handles on both sides. Another feature that I find that makes this apple corer the best I have used is the safety cover. The safety cover has soft rubber handles that fit over the plastic handles on the corer/slicer. But you will find a clear plastic top between the rubber handles.

While the apple corer with safety cover works best together, the user can remove the cover if they want too. However, the safety cover is there to protect your hands from being cut.  But it keeps you from having apple juice all over you and your counters. When cutting my apples I use a cutting board and my apple corer for a quick job.

When using the corer/slicer I place the apple under the blades and apply even pressure to both handles. While the apple is under the safety cover, you will just push the safety cover down.  The apple will come out cleanly. Another thing you will not have to worry about seeds, hulls, or having uneven cut apple slices. I use my corer/slicer for making my apple pies, cobbler, desserts, saute apples, fresh cut for dipping and for canning or freezing extra slices.

The apple core measures 7.9 x 3.9×2 inches and weighs around 6.4 ounces. Another great feature is the apple corer and safety cover all both dishwasher safe. But you can also wash the corer by hand, though be careful the blades are sharp.

Holiday baking will be a lot easier when I have to cut apples for my pies. But I will also use it for onions too for baking and more even chopping. Use your imagination this apple corer will help make your like easier.  I am completely happy with this apple corer with safety cover.

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