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Adjustable Metal Storage Rack

If your house is anything like mine, I never have enough storage space. There are somethings that we like to have available quickly, to be able to see or find without digging. One area that I wanted to improve on was my craft and work supplies space. I had some nice cloth bins, but nothing to put them on until now. With the GEYUEYA adjustable metal storage rack I can organize my supplies the way I have been trying for a while.

What first caught my attention was the details that went into this storage rack. It has a decorative appearance allowing it to be part of any room. The black coating on the shelves gives that modern flare that works in most homes. While most storage racks have only 4 shelves this adjustable rack has 6 shelves.

This sturdy shelf is around 21″ long x 11 1/5″wide x 57 1/10″ high. Each shelf is able to support up to 100 lbs of distributed weight. While the maximum load capability can handle up to 450 lbs. Just another reason why this storage rack is by far better than the standard rack.


While the shelf does not come assembled the whole process takes less than 15 minutes.  Remember to push the locks down during the installation. Another great feature is the four adjustable shelves which allows me to move them to fit my needs. Though, the shelves are made of metal that has under gone iron chrome plating process the coating is solid with no flaking.  This plating process makes the metal stronger and gives the shelves their sturdiness.

It is easy to see that the shelves have great ventilation from the top to the bottom of the storage rack. While this unit is sturdy it is decorative and will look great in any room in your house. No worries even if using it in a bathroom with all of the ventilation the shelves provide your items should stay dry.


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