A soft Genuine Mexican Falsa Blanket

The Genuine Mexican falsa blanket is a softer woven serape blanket. The design has a beautiful array of colors. The blanket is teal, gray and black, white with flecks of red, yellow, blue and white woven throughout the gray. There are a few different weaving deigns that add texture and visual appeal. At the top and bottom of the blanket is white fringe. This blanket has a softer cotton yarn feel than other similar blankets that have a more tapestry feel.

When I lay the blanket on the ground it reminds me of the old woven rugs that my grandmother always had on the floor. The blanket measures 47 inches by 68 inches. The blanket is woven from a combination of environmentally friendly soft recycled fibers. The recycled fibers are made into cotton and acrylic which means a soft blanket. The woven fibers are durable and will resist stains all while being soft and comfortable.

Overall, I like the little extra touches that make the blanket special. The white fringe that finishes off the top and bottom of the blanket adds a decorative touch. The recycled cotton and acrylic fibers are soft, but durable. The fibers are also hypoallergenic and resistant to staining all which means it will be easier to keep clean as well as clean. The blanket came ready to use with no orders or shedding. The weave is a loser weave which give the blanket design more dimension. The craftsmanship is really nice. The blanket would be great for a twin size bed, yoga, picnic, traveling or for any place you need a blanket. I love the colors that are weaved throughout the blanket design. I also like that I can machine wash the blanket and tumble dry low. I would recommend the Genuine Mexican Falsa Blanket.

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I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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