A Pet De-matting Comb by SySrion

When comes to taking care of my two yellow Labradors I want only the best products. Their hair can be a problem when it starts to shed which is almost all the time. Brushing their hair can be a huge undertaking since it takes a long time to brush them from head to toe. With a good brush the time can be cut in half. The Pet De-matting Comb by SySrion is just the type of comb/brush that can get the job done in half the normal time.

The de-matting comb is a double sided comb with a total of 9 teeth on one side. On the other side of the comb you will find a total of 17 teeth. The 17 teeth will cut tough the toughest of matted and tangled hairs. This de-matting comb gives faster results even with large animals and helps with thinning and de-shedding. The stainless steel blades are able to work through the thickest of hair quickly and effectively. The de-matting comb has no-scratch round teeth leaving your pets skin from being scratch or cut. These round safety edges can even cut through those matted hair without damaging your pet’s skin or hair. What is also nice about the rounded edges of the stainless steel blades is they provide a massaging effect while you are combing your pet turning a bad experience into a pleasant event. No more tangles, knots or loose hairs when using the de-matting comb.

When eliminating all of the excess hair you are even keeping the dirt and dander down that collects in your pet’s hair leaving your pet and home cleaner. The handle on the comb is durable and a great length. The handle gives you better control over the comb and the combing action. The non-slip silicone gel filled handle is comfortable to hold while combing my two dogs. Combing your pet also helps to not only keep them looking great, but it also helps keep them healthier.

Overall, I found the Pet De-matting Comb by SySrion to work great on my dogs. I have to say the handle was a big surprise with its comfortable silicone gel filled handle. I experienced no hand discomfort and was able to get a better grip on the handle itself. The combs teeth glided through even the thickest areas of hair with ease. Both of the dog’s coats were soft and shiny after using the de-matting comb. No irritated skin and the loose hairs were gone. I am completely happy with the Pet De-matting Comb by SySrion and would recommend it to all pet owners.


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I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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