A modern stylish piece of luggage by Cabin Max Monaco

The last time I went away for the weekend I ended up using a huge suitcase that is 30 years old. It was not convenient and it was so hard to carry since it was so bulky. I wanted a nice piece of luggage that was stylish and functional. When it comes to functionality to me a good piece of luggage should be easy to transport from one area to another and be able to hold everything I need to take with me. The Cabin Max Monaco Dress & Suite Carrier Hand Luggage Suitcase is just such a piece.

When the luggage piece arrived I was not expecting it to be so nice. The first thing I notice was the beautiful quilted pink canvas like outer shell and its smooth pink top. Then when I saw the three zippered sections of the luggage I knew this luggage was no average piece. There is also a Velcro wrapped handle to help carrying the luggage more comfortable, the handle is made of a light brown leather. Under the handle is another piece of the light brown leather that snaps over the zippered area. When I opened up the first two zippered front section of the luggage I found a number of organized section with netted individual zippered compartments to separate my clothes. Behind these sections is two large zippered compartments. The middle double zippered section also has a few individual zippered compartments and a large storage area for clothing. The finial zippered area is along the backside of the luggage and is a perfect spot to put a few magazines, books, or an iPad for easy access. I left the best part for last the long telescoping aluminum handle that can be raised or lowered with a push of a button. The wheels are sturdy and glide over the floors surface even when loaded down with clothing.

Overall, I found the Cabin Max Monaco Dress & Suite Carrier Hand Luggage Suitcase to be well made and sturdy enough to get the job done. This piece is more than a weekend piece of luggage it can hold a good amount of clothing. I love the zippered compartments since I can keep my clothes organized and get what I need in less time giving me more time to enjoy my traveling. The leather touches on the bottom, the bottom corners, handles, flap and other trim pieces give the luggage a stylish look. The quilted body also gives that little something extra. The top portion of the fabric is not quilted which keeps the piece from becoming too busy. When the luggage is not in use it does flatten down and store nicely. I am so happy not to have to worry about my old big old bulky luggage taking up half of the closet any more. Also, this compact luggage will give me more room in my car when traveling on the road. It is easy to get in and out of the car with the use of either of the two leather handles, the top handle or the side one. If pink is not your color the luggage comes in black and navy blue also. I would recommend the Cabin Max Monaco Dress & Suite Carrier Hand Luggage Suitcase!

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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