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A Double Camping Hammock and Collapsible LED Lantern Giveaway

Nicecho Double Camping Parachute Hammock

Father’s day is just about here and we all want our fathers to enjoy their special day. What better way then to combine the two things they like so much. When I think of dads I think camping, hunting, fishing, backyard barbeques and campfires. I also think of them being the strong protectors when it storms or the power is out. Therefore, why not include a few things that our dads might like in a fun giveaway. A double camping hammock and collapsible LED lantern will delight any dad.

Any dad will love the idea of spending a relaxing day laying in this oversized hammock. This hammock is made of 210T parachute nylon which is sturdy and can hold up to 500 lbs. of weight. The hammock is 118 inches long by 78 inches wide which makes this a 2 person hammock. This hammock is breathable and dries quickly.

The hammock comes with  two solid steel carabineers and a nautical grade rope that is made of 100% non stretch polyester. Pack your lightweight hammock and carry it in its own drawstring sack. The hammock weighs about 26.6 ounces so its portable and ready to go with you.

When attaching this hammock all you need is trees, posts, boat mast, walls or a hammock stand. It is easy to see that this hammock can literally be set up anywhere at anytime. The double camping hammock is available in blue and gray or green and dark green.

 2 Pack Collapsible LED Camping Lanterns

What a great way to end a long day laying in a double camping hammock with the glow of a collapsible LED lantern close by. These collapsible LED lanterns are sold in a pack of two. They offer 360 degrees of illumination of the brightest glowing light. The two pack comes with a black and a gray collapsible lantern. You will find that these lanterns are sturdy due to the of military grade plastic that is in their housing.

The LED bulb has a clear plastic cover that allows the bright light to bounce the light out in to the area you are illuminating .  These lightweight lanterns are waterproof too. Each of the lanterns require 3 AA batteries which will provide light up to 12 hours. Then placing the batteries in the lanterns is a quick unscrewing of the bottom plate and placing the batteries in the compartment.

There is no worrying about a on and off switch wearing out or being hard to find. These collapsible LED lanterns are some of the easiest to operate with a lift of the handles to turn on and push the handles down to turn off. What a great set of lanterns to have for camping, hunting, fishing, backyard parties or emergency storm readiness resource for power outages. No worrying about a flame or the lanterns getting to hot which makes them safe for all family members to use.


In honor of our fathers who have shown us that there is a time for work and a time for play as well as relaxation we put together this special package. Whether they hang out at home in the backyard relaxing on their hammock or take it along on a fun packed hunting, fishing or camping excursion this will the products to have.  A quick and easy to hook up hammock. Then a lantern can light up the night for a quiet time.  These lanterns can also provide your family with piece of mind if the lights go out. Please take a moment to say thank you to your Fathers and enter our contest. Good luck to all!

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