300 Piece Disposable Plastic Silverware Set Cutlery

I love to have a fancy table setting  when I have family or friends over. But what I do not like is to have a lot of dishes and silverware to wash. I know we are supposed to be environmentally savvy, but once in a great while convenience wins. This year convenience won hands down. I came across a 300 Piece Disposable Plastic Silverware Set Cutlery that was just what I was looking for to use during the holidays. 


This set plastic silverware set contained one hundred spoons, forks and knifes which was perfect for my Christmas party this year. I was able to use all the same silverware for dinner and dessert. When sitting on my table everyone thought it was the real thing until the picked it up. Each piece is the same size as my flatware. When I picked up the pieces I could feel that they were sturdy so I was not worried that they would not hold up to our dinner.


The knife cut through our ham slices with no issues. The fork tines picked up all the food easily with no breakage. Even the spoons had just the right shape to hold the food without it sliding off. The silverware held up to the hot temperature of the food. It also had no problem with the cold desserts.

In the mittens is the plastic silverware. It looks real even in pictures.


Now if you want to this plastic silverware set can be washed and used over and over. Its dishwasher safe. I ordered a second set because I fell in love with them and I might wash the second set so I can have them for future parties. What I really liked about this set is the high shine of the silver coating it has a high end appearance.


I did have a couple pieces where the coating was missing which was no big deal. But I had no broken pieces. The spoons, forks and knives are packaged in groups for example the spoons are in two packs and so on. I liked this because I didn’t have to search for the pieces I wanted. This is one set of plastic silverware set I would have no problem recommending.

  • disposable and reusable plastic
  • Food safe product



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