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Double Donut Coffee Single Serve Cups

I cannot function without my morning up of coffee and a strong cup at that. I have tried a number of brands, flavors and brews. I prefer the strong bold favors, but on occasion I can be persuaded to try a flavor coffee too. I was offered a sample of the Double Donut Coffee singles and this is a products that I can put my coffee experience to great use when testing.

When the coffee arrived each of the five flavors came packaged in their own individual boxes so there was no need to read each cup. The K cups are compatible with the Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers. I am testing the coffee in a 2.0 brewer and I am having no issue what so ever with the K cups. The cups are slightly thicker that the other K cups, but the needle puncture quickly and effectively.

The first box contained an Italian roast which is a bold roast brew. Now remember I am strong coffee drink and I even set my brew to strong. I found the Italian roast to be slightly weaker than my normal brand of Italian roast, but the flavor was still good. It did not have the strong bitter or burnt flavor that other strong brews can. The next box of coffee is the French roast that has a nice bite to it, but again not as strong as other French roasts. However, I found that these two bold brews had less of the acid bite or bitterness that some of the stronger version have so it is a plus for those who cannot tolerate the acidy or bitterness. The flavor is there and they are well worth drinking. The next blend was the breakfast blend which is a mild to medium brew. The flavor was really nice for a lighter brew. There was no acid or bitterness whatsoever when drinking this blend. My mom was over visiting and tried the breakfast blend and liked it right away. I then had her try the next flavor which was the Vanilla bean which she said she liked the best. The vanilla bean flavor does not taste like a French vanilla. It has a subtle vanilla bean flavor that enhances the creamer if that is how you drink your coffee or it can stand alone and give you that slightly sweet vanilla flavor. The final brew is called a bold brew. No special name or type, but is a nice cup of coffee. Still no bitterness and that high acid touch that some bold flavors have.

Overall, I would not hesitate to order this coffee again. The price is really reasonable for K cup and since it works in the newer brewers that is a plus. I did not detect any burnt flavors or smells in any of the coffee blends. I did not detect any bitterness nor did I feel that acid burn that a lot of the bolder strong brews have. With that said the flavors are not as strong as the stronger brews, but each cup of coffee I consumed I enjoyed. I would recommend the Double Donut Coffee Single Serve Cups.

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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