10 inch Tabletop Oscillating Fan

Summer is here and it has been a hot one already. On these long hot summer days sometimes even our air conditioners have trouble keeping us cool. That is where a good tabletop top Oscillating fan is a must have especially if we are working at a desk. But I do not want a huge fan that takes up a lot of surface space, that is why I choose the 10 inch tabletop Oscillating Fan by Ozeri. Its small enough to that it takes up very little space, but has the air flow to keep me cool.

While this oscillating fan is compact, it has the power of a fan twice its size. Its ultra-quiet too even when being operated on high. This fan design has the lowest dB noise rating while operating on all 3 of its air flow speeds. The three modes of speed are a light breeze, refreshing breeze and a powerful breeze. Also, with its 90 degree oscillating motor you can be assured it will get the job done.

It is so easy to operate this oscillating fan with its front control knob. Also, you can choose between oscillating or stationary features when operating the fan. Another great feature is the fan can be moved up to 90 degrees . Then it locks into place to insure that you get the airflow in the direction you desire.

This fan is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room with its built in handle. It has a stylish modern appearance with its sleek black body and chrome like accents. Also, this fan is ready to use right out of the box no assembly at all.

Overall, this 10 inch tabletop Oscillating fan by Ozeri is just what I needed. While working at my table the air seems to become stagnant or just does not feel refreshing which means a fan is a life savor. My space is limited which means I needed a fan that would take up little space on my tabletop. This fan fit the bill perfectly taking up no more space than a note book at the base.

When adjusting the fan in a vertical angle the fan must be off and the control knob needs to be in the 0 position. Then firmly place your hand on the bottom base and move the fan slowly to position you want. It will make a clicking sound this is normal. On the bottom of the fan are 4 rubber feet, but keep in mind the fan should be operated on a stable surface. Also, this fan can be mounted to a wall if you want.

The air flow is quiet strong for such a small fan. I really like that I can blow it directly on to me or have the air flowing towards the ceiling. Keep the fan clean is really easy too with just a quick dusting with the vacuum cleaner. I am completely impressed with this fan and would recommend it.

Oscillating Fan Specifications 

  1. Rated Voltage:  120V/60Hz
  2. Wattage:  30 W
  3. Net weight:  5.1 lbs
  4. Airflow at Low: 10 fps,  Medium: 12 fps,  High : 15 fps

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